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Sweet and salty. crunchy and chewy.

perfect to satisfy every craving!



Come give us a bite!


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Brown Butter Cafe: 1528 91 St SW

Golomein: 2976 Ellwood Dr SW

Milk & Cookies Bakeshop: 5532 Calgary Trail NW

Williams-Sonoma: West Edmonton Mall


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Come give us a bite!


hand made.

Caramunchies are tasty caramel treats handmade in small batches so you can really feel the love in every bite. We use only the best ingredients to make our creamy and perfectly chewy salted-caramel from scratch and then we pair it with crispy cornflakes to give this treat its satisfying crunch!

the ultimate all in one treat!

With delicious flavors like The Salted Original, Chocolate Drizzle, Toasted Coco Amaretto and PB & J this’ll be the best treat you’ll ever eat!


hi I'M Alysia.
a fun lovin', 
treat makin',
YEG gal.


ABOUT Alysia

A lover of food and all things delicious, Alysia’s pantry isn’t so much a pantry as a 100%, giant snack drawer. And when you sneak a peek, you’ll realize she doesn’t have one favourite treat: she loves everything, for different reasons! 

The sweet and chewy gummy bears. The decadent, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates. The crispy, salty chips. The sticky, gooey caramels... 

But constantly coming home weighed down with copious bags of goodies to satisfy each craving just wasn’t working anymore, so Alysia created a treat to please any palate, the treat to rule them all: Caramunchies!



Next Up: Official Launch @ Royal Glenora Gift Sale Nov 19 @10AM! — Details in Events Calendar. Come give us a bite!




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In Alysia’s life, food and family go hand-in-hand. Big, boisterous family dinners (the kind where both tables and voices are overflowing) are her happiest childhood memories (and her dinner goals to this day). The Lok family bonded not just over sharing, but also preparing meals. Assigning dishes to family members in order of skill level, the kids make the salads and the best chefs (usually her dad or Aunt Jackie) master the main course. When the food is piping hot and aching to be eaten, the family gets together, talking, laughing, and stuffing their faces with the mouthwatering meals. The tradition lives on today and this was, and still is, her definition of love.

Clearly, food isn’t just sustenance for Alysia, it’s celebration! And while she’s admittedly not the world’s best chef, she’s a damned good baker. After delving into the classics – cake, cookies, macarons, caramels – Alysia blended her favourite textures and flavours into her delicious, homemade treats: the Caramunchies. It’s her way of spreading love and joy in YEG!

And because food is love and life, Alysia donates 10% of all Caramunchies profits to the Mariann Centre, who provides hot, nutritious lunches to the less fortunate. Thank you for helping us help others!


what people are sayin'

"Holy cow that's good!" — The Nomadic Wife